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Chassidy Oliveira graduated from Liberty County High School in 2010 at the top of her class with a dual seal diploma and HOPE scholarship. Although she had two children before she graduated, she still made it her duty to push through and finish strong. This alone is a real testimonial to other young girls who go through similar situations and feel they have no support, so they give up. She will be that voice to let them know that their goals and aspirations are still obtainable. Since she was in elementary school through her years in high school, she knew that helping others is what she wanted to do, specifically children. She first took up Early Childhood Education in her high school years and later once she began her journey in college. Little did she know, God had his hands on her walking her into His purpose for her. After going through life, getting closer to God, and learning so much about herself, she knew that what she needed to do was be more hands on with the mind process of these young people. She knew that it was the Lord giving her a renewing of the mind and got her where she is today. And that is why she went on to gain her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology from Ashford University. She now uses her degrees to be able to reach the minds and hearts of our younger generation. She understands their thought processes and the developmental stages that a child goes through at certain times in his/her life. With this and so much more knowledge she’s gained in her studies, she plans to open each child up to understanding his/her purpose and how to be successful in all areas of life.    


Timothy Grace is a vital part to the success of these programs. His experiences are what are going to be able to reach these kids to even get them to be a part of something like this. People are more willing to listen to those who say they understand from their own experiences than those who just say they understand because they read or heard about it before. He is able to relate his situations and upbringings to the similar ones of those children from deprived low-income areas. Not only will he be able to reach the children this way, but he can reach those parents who have experienced the same trials and know they want to do better but just don’t know how. He will be able to show them that he was able to do better in spite of all his downfalls, and so can they. All it takes is some knowledge on how to. Once he gained a  close personal relationship with God, he was able to see completely that all he had been through would be his testimony to kids and teens, to be able to reach them and teach them. Being that he is well known in the surrounding areas and by many of those who live in low-income areas because of him being a positive light to each in their own way, he will be accessible to entering these areas and pulling these families out of them. He can tell of his experiences with run ins with law enforcement and prisons and explain how it is no place a person wants to end up. He can tell how changing his life around and putting out good and positive in the world saved him from the continuous destructive path he was on. He can tell the young people about God, the understanding of how to handle situations, his emotions, his life, the teachings of his wife Chassidy Oliveira, and so much more helped to make his life better and more positive.

Pillar of Fleming, GA community
Pastor of Abraham Church of God 



Chief Financial Officer, Sherakery Grace Jr.

Secretary, TBA

Mentee Recruiter, TBA

Mentor & Mentor Recruiter/Trainer, Kalique Oliveira 

of Liberty County High School

 Mentor & Mentor Recruiter/Trainer, Isaac Ulrich 

of Liberty County High School

Sports and Weight Training Mentor, Christen Miller 

of Cedar Grove High School

Fundraising Coordinator, TBA


Junior Mentors

Kamora Brown, 19, Georgia Southern University

Kamya Brown, 17, Bradwell Institute
Kamyrn Brown, 15, Bradwell Institute
Kalique Oliveira 16, Liberty County High School
Isaac Ulrich 17, Liberty County High School

Adult Mentors

Kamesha McBride, 22

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